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As she told the Post , I think its a little bit harder to be taken seriously sometimes. Its always felt like Ive had to work harder for credibility with the fan base of whatever team Im covering. Theres even less room for error to say or write the wrong thing, because the perception is often that the mistake is as a result of me being a woman and not a normal human who occasionally makes mistakes. But that almost makes it more rewarding when you finally do establish yourself as that authoritative voice on your beat and no ones really mansplaining to you anymore. Photo: The Washington Post/ McKenna Ewen Editor-in-Chief Matt Vitasaid he never intentionally hired all women. From my perspective, its always positive to have the best reporter in position to do their best work, and the beats to which their suited. And in this case, I was gender blind in a way, because in each of their cases they were the best reporters I had to cover those beats when they moved to them. It happened this way by chance, more than anything else. But he believes diversity strengthens the depth of stories told in sport, They see stories differently than most male reporters, and that presents opportunities for a different perspective on a male professional sports team, and thats just terrific. As a result, the readers are better served, Vita said. A better goal is that women earn the same kind of consideration for jobs that men do, and are assessed the same way. The Washington Post has a history of inserting womens voices in the mix of their sports department. The Post helped launch the career of ESPNs Rachel Nichols, who covered the Capitals beat from 1996 to 2004; Christine Brennan, a syndicated sports columnist for USA Today, and an on-air commentator for ABC News, CNN, PBS NewsHour, and NPR, joined the Post in 1985, becoming the first woman to cover the Washington Redskins beat; and Sally Jenkins, who joined the Post for a second stint in 2000,and in 2005 became the first woman inducted into the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Hall of Fame.

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