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The Children's Commissioner for England said children did not know how to deal with common problems they found online. Anne Longfield called for new laws to protect children's online privacy and data and for a digital ombudsman to be created to uphold their rights. The government said children were taught about online safety in schools. 'Wholly irresponsible' However, the children's commissioner's Growing Up Digital report said children were being "left to learn about the internet on their own with parents vainly hoping that they will benefit from its opportunities while avoiding its pitfalls". Ms Longfield said: "The internet is an incredible force for good, but it is wholly irresponsible to let them roam in a world for which they are ill-prepared, which is subject to limited regulation and which is controlled by a small number of powerful organisations." Her report recommended that: Children should study "digital citizenship" to learn about their rights and responsibilities online, so they are prepared for online activities Social media companies should rewrite their "impenetrable" terms and conditions in far simpler language so children know what they are agreeing to Ministers should create a "digital ombudsman" to mediate for children seeking the removal of content Ms Longfield said: "It is critical that children are educated better so that they can enjoy the opportunities provided by the internet whilst minimising the well-known risks. "It is also vital that children understand what they agree to when joining social media platforms, that their privacy is better protected, and they can have content posted about them removed quickly should they wish to." The report said children were agreeing to "impenetrable" terms and conditions they could never understand when using social media. It said small print often contained "hidden clauses" waiving privacy rights and allowing content children posted to be sold. 'Give them power' Ms Longfield told Radio 4's Today the internet was not designed for children even though they are now the biggest users. "Parents are always going to be on a losing battle which is why we need to take greater action to shift the balance of power towards children," she added.

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