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The Manhattan Supreme Court suit says that J Mendels longtime director of sales Carmen Diare suddenly quit on Dec. 2, giving only one days notice. Just three days later Darie, whod been with Mendel for 14 years, started working for Yves Salomon, the suit says. On Tues., Dec. 6, Yves Salomon had a welcome party for Darie at its Madison Avenue store. J Mendels employees observed many of its own customers coming and going from Yves Salomons store, the suit says. Mendel later learned that Darie, 54, had allegedly stolen a leather skirt, blouse and bracelet, the suit says. She also downloaded customer contacts onto her personal cell phone and sent confidential sales reports to her email on the way out, the suit claims. Upon information and belief Darie told Yves Salomon that she would bring J.

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