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Sky News studio The CMA also considered recent allegations of sexual harassment against Fox News employees in the USA, but provisionally found these were not directly related to the attainment of broadcasting standards. Critics of Rupert Murdoch have never been shy to cheapest online shopping sites in usa speak out against him, and the CMA has provided them with a killer quote they will be singing for years to come. In saying that full control of Sky would give the Murdoch Family Trust excessive "influence over public opinion and the political agenda", the regulator has delighted those who argued against an earlier bid by the Murdochs, nearly seven years ago, which was of course derailed by the phone-hacking inquiry. But this is a curious story, because the CMA findings could prove redundant. They want remedies, mainly around editorial independence for Sky News, which could be provided quite easily by Disney, who may well own Sky in a few months' time. Disney's bid for Fox - the parent to Sky - is currently mired in a US regulatory process. If US regulators approve it, many of the concerns the CMA have about this deal will fall away. online shopping essay So it all comes down to whether Disney is committed to Sky - and specifically Sky News which, though a world-class product, is loss-making. Ironically, the bigger threat to media plurality may come from Disney deciding Sky News is an expensive distraction to their focus on entertainment. For now, that seems unlikely: Bob Iger, the boss of Disney, said he was committed to Sky News. Staff there - and all those who care for a diversity of thought in British media - will hope to hear more from Mr Iger soon.

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